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Marine Access

Built to Withstand Any Element

Bridge Brothers tackles environments with the harshest conditions, designed and fabricated to stand the test of time.  We strive to use innovative materials and design methods to create an ultimately superior product for our clients.  With an emphasis on total life cycle cost, we understand the value of a maintenance free structure.

marine access bridge supplierMarine Terminals

Maintenance is a costly and time consuming activity that can be eliminated by using our structures.  Our goal is to keep your crews working with zero interruptions, on a system that you can trust and built to last.

gangway manufacturerGangways

Getting to the water can be a tricky feat.  Let us help in bridging the gap between land and sea with our gangways.  With a variety of decking options, our structures are here to stay.

Boardwalk and Fixed Pier ContractorBoardwalk/Fixed Pier

Our structures will defy the elements and resist degradation while offering the same aesthetic appeal of a traditional high maintenance wood structure.  Bridge Brothers minimizes environmental impact by spanning greater distance between piling supports four our boardwalks/piers (twice that of traditional wood boardwalks).

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Truss Style

  • Warren
  • Pratt
  • Bowstring


  • PT Pine
  • IPE Hardwood
  • Composite
  • Aluminum
  • Grating
  • Concrete


  • Horizontal
  • Vertical Pickets
  • Cable
  • Mesh


  • Lighting
  • Painted
  • Galvanized
  • Cladding