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Welcome to Bridge Brothers!

Welcome to Bridge Brothers!

Welcome to Bridge Brothers!


We are devoting our first post to customer expectations.

—  What can you expect when you call Bridge Brothers? —

Simply put:  Professional and HELPFUL

We are a design and engineering firm that specializes in prefabricated steel pedestrian bridges.  We pride ourselves in providing custom designed products to fit our customers’ specific needs.  We serve everyone from city municipalities, forestry services, national parks and recreation departments, all the way to private citizens.  We are in the business to help you connect your priorities, needs, and imagination as we work together to build your vision.

Our number 1 priority is to find out everything we can do to ensure your experience with us is rewarding and satisfying.  We will assist in budgeting, planning, designing, fabrication, and implementing your project.  We understand that you need to maximize your use of funds, and that is EXACTLY what we strive to help you do!  Our sales professionals and engineers are here to provide knowledge, guidance, and expertise to better help you make informed decisions with various options and additions to stay within your budgetary needs during each stage of your bridge project.  While we are in the business of building bridges, our ultimate goal is to create a bridge that is far above what you envisioned and expected, as a testament to our company’s mission.

We strive to tackle new custom bridge styles and welcome unique technical challenges that are mirrored by our fabrication shop’s pride in producing a one-of-a-kind bridge.  Partner with us and let us help you instill your legacy in a bridge today!

Call Bridge Brothers Inc for a same day estimate!


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