This signature bridge was designed to be an icon in the Boulder Civic Area Park. The bridge is a custom design that Bridge Brothers was able to fully prefabricated so that it could be installed within one day. Bridge Brothers worked in close collaboration with the architect throughout the project. In order to avoid future problems, the bridge design needed to incorporate engineering guidance and manufacturing abilities. Working as an in-house team allowed Bridge Brothers to avoid potential problems before they arose.



The design team consisted of architects and engineers working collaboratively to accommodate the loads for the bridge without compromising the custom 100’ span, truss design.


The decking for the bridge is concrete with visual passthroughs that were manufactured in a Corten steel grating that gives pedestrians glimpses of the ice-cold river beneath their feet.


Because installing the bridge would be very disruptive to this active park, the bridge needed to be designed so that it could be installed in less than a day.


In addition to the custom truss, another challenge in engineering this bridge was figuring out a way to manufacture the bridge so that it would appear as one solid piece with zero indication of welds and plates meeting up. In addition, the bottom chords required to accommodate the loadings do not exist in the required 16” x 12” Corten Steel. The engineers decided that two 8”X12” HSS Tubes would be welded together to create 12”x16” bottom chords to carry the loads of the bridge.



The bridge design used Corten Plate steel with a custom CNC design that created a moray pattern through out the length of the bridge.


The detailing and finish were paramount in this project.


In addition, Bridge Brothers integrated LED lighting into the hand rail that gives the bridge a glowing look at night.


Bridge Brothers was an instrumental partner in the design and fabrication of the Boulder Civic Area park pedestrian bridges. Prior to fabrication beginning, Bridge Brothers was able to provide valuable input in the fabrication methods utilized which resulted in a bridge that achieved the design intent and exceed the client's expectations. Throughout the fabrication, Bridge Brothers was also heavily involved. They overcame numerous challenges and delivered the bridges at an accelerated delivery date which was critical to the entire project's success.

Cameron, Asst. Superintendent

Bridge Brothers were professional and capable collaborators throughout the process. ... they proposed a technique for cutting the steel plate perforations which saved the client money while maintaining a high level of quality. Their knowledge and skill was reflected in the final product, which is technically precise, beautiful, and has received public acclaim.

Mario - Project Designer, TLS Landscape Architecture