Shell needed a pipe bridge to carry a utility pipeline over a river and they needed it for an urgent shutdown. The timeline for which Shell needed the bridge was incredibly short. Bridge Brothers was able to deliver a galvanized pipe bridge with fabricated pipe saddles in four weeks. Because Shell had such a short timeframe, this bridge was designed to be easy to manufacture and install.



This pipe rack was designed with a galvanized finish. This particular finish is low maintenance. Because the pipe rack is located on an industrial site, Shell wanted to reduce maintenance and upkeep requirements as much as possible.


The pipes were designed to be sloped as they travel the length of the bridge supported by the spaced pipe saddles.


For ease of installation, this Shell pipe rack was designed to be installed in two pieces with a mechanically bolted connection.


This pipe rack needed to be able to withstand constant heavy loads. Because it was going to be installed over water, the pipe rack also needed to withstand possible flooding and subsequent water pressure. Because of the project location near Chicago, the engineering calculations for this pipe rack also had to incorporate ice loads on utility lines and the truss itself. This Shell pipe rack was also designed and engineered for future expansion for utility lines to be added on top and below the truss.



The bridge was fabricated in two sections to fit in the galvanizing tank to be hot dipped.

All of the pipe supports were prefabricated onto the bridge so that all aspects of the bridge would be dipped as one complete piece to eliminate any areas for potential exposure.

The pipe saddles were fabricated and welded onto the bridge offsite to reduce onsite work.


Bridge Brothers shipped the bridge on one truck and Shell was able to receive the delivery,
mechanically bolt up the splice connection, and install the bridge in less than four hours.

We used Bridge Brothers for a project that I designed and executedin Lockport, IL (south west Chicago). Bridge crossing was to support piping needed for a storm water project at a crude terminal to move storm water out of the terminal during a rain event to maintain safe operations. Upon contact, Bridge Brothers were able to design, fabricate and deliver a 100’ bridge in 4 weeks. I was pretty impressed that they were able to stay within their schedule. As an employee of Shell Pipeline and multiple businesses across the company for over 10 years, I’ve dealt with tons of vendors with empty promises that don’t deliver upon scope that has been agreed upon prior. I would add Bridge Brothers to the list to use again if there is an opportunity.

Paul, Project Manager at Shell Oil